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FAQs - Passwords

I have registered for online trading, how do I get my Login ID and Password for the first time?
  Your Login ID or Trading ID will be sent to your registered address along with the welcome kit by courier at the time of account opening.

Your login password will be automatically mailed to your registered email id.

Alternatively, you can also generate your login password by selecting “Forgot password” link on the trading platform and following the instructions displayed on screen
If I have forgotten my password or if my account gets locked, then what do I do?
  In case you have forgotten your password, you can initiate the online login screen and click on “forgot password” on your trading software. Through this your password shall be sent to your registered mail id and mobile number.

In case your account gets locked, you can reset your password, by selecting “forgot password” link on your trading platform and follow the instructions displayed on screen.
What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?
  Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an enhanced security measure introduced to comply with regulatory requirement and provide an additional layer of security when you login to the system.

When you login online to trading portal, you will be asked to enter an additional detail in form of either PAN or DOB. This PAN or DOB that you enter should be the same as registered with Religare at the time of account opening. For a different or non-registered PAN or DOB entered the system will not allow to login. This is termed as 2 FA password
How can I change my password?
  You can select the option of “change password” on login page on your trading terminal and change the password by following the instructions on screen.
After how many wrong password attempt, my account gets locked?
  After three wrong attempts, the user ID will be locked.
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