26 May 2020 | 12:38 PM


CreditAccess Grameen completes Rs 132.46 cr worth assignment on September 30 2019
  CreditAccess Grameen Ltd. | 17 Jan 2020 | 10:51 AM
Published on 10-01-2019
CreditAccess Grameen Limited said that “the company has completed a Direct Assignment of Rs. 132.46 Crore on September 30 2019” in a filing to Bombay Stock Exchange.

As per the company this is the second Direct Assignment transaction initiated during the FY-2019-20. With this transaction the Company has completed one securitization and two Direct Assignment transactions totaling to Rs. 381.70 Crore in FY-2019-20.

Further the entire Direct Assignment pool qualifies for Priority Sector treatment as per the guidelines prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India.