04 Oct 2023 | 5:43 AM

Online Derivatives Trading with Religare!

Get more out of your investments.
  • Enables instant trading through the Internet via desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Provides personalized and actionable derivative calls and strategies
  • Helps you invest smartly through intelligent tools like the Option Strategy Scanner
  • Displays streaming quotes on the RIA platform
  • Allows you to choose from several customized/multiple brokerage plans to suit your trading needs
Why Indian derivatives?
If you believe in Indian equity story, derivatives are a great way to make the best out of it.
The Indian share market has given an average annual return of about 18 percent in the last 10 years.
Any investor who would have invested regularly in Indian equities in the past decade would have realized similar returns. Derivatives give you an avenue to boost your returns from equities by providing leverage through products like futures and options.
How it works?
Through Religare, you can now trade in Index and Stock futures on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Futures trading allows you to enter into a contract (having a maximum period of 3 months), and take buy/sell positions in Index or Stocks.
Trading in futures is not as complex as it sounds. If, during the contract period, the price moves in your favour (i.e. rises in case you have a buy position or falls in case you have a sell position), you make a healthy profit, and vice versa. Today, only a few stocks that meet the liquidity and volume criteria are qualified for futures trading.
The process of futures trading has become simpler with two smart tools offered by Religare—‘Calculate Index’ and ‘Know your Margin’—that helps in calculating your margin requirements and also the Index and Stock price movements.
An option is a contract between two parties (the seller and the buyer) that gives the buyer the right to buy or sell shares at a specific price, on or before a particular date. There is no obligation on the buyer to complete the transaction if the price is not favourable to him. For this, the buyer has to pay to the seller some money called premium.
To carry out a transaction (buy/sell) position on Index/Stock options, one has to pay certain percentage of the order value as margin. There are two types of options: Call and Put. The former allows the trader to buy the underlying asset at a certain price, while the latter allows him to sell it at a certain price.
What are the platform’s features?
Religare not only offers a platform that enables effortless buying and selling, but also provides services and tools that help you make the most of the derivatives market. Mentioned below are a few features of our platform:
Choose the platform most suitable for you
Our multiple trading platforms can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Apart from our online trading website that can be accessed from any device, we also provide trading applications for smart phones, desktop PCs and tablet devices to enable quick trading on-the-go. For heavy traders, our RIA platform offers streaming quotes to enable instant decision making.
Smart Stock Screener
The Smart Stock Screener, an intelligent tool offered by Religare, allows you to define a set of criteria and parameters like minimum and maximum share price, dividend yield, PE ratio, etc. according to your investment strategy.
Analyst research
We have a dedicated team of experts who provides extensive research calls and strategies on various index and stock derivatives. This information aids you in investing according to your goals and make profits.
Smart Portfolio Tracker
Say goodbye to hours of calculation and track the performance of your investments by gaining up-to-the-minute movements of your holdings on our Smart Portfolio Tracker. You simply need to enter the required details like date, price and quantity purchased, and hand over the hassle of maintaining your portfolio to our tracker. You can access this tracker on our website from anywhere in the world and view the performance of your portfolio without re-entering any data.
Options Strategy Scanner
For an options trader, we provide the Options Strategy Scanner, an exclusive tool which allows expert traders to simultaneously look at potential payoff diagrams of various bull and bear strategies and, based on their view on the market, take a position in the strategy which optimizes the payoffs.

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