08 Dec 2022 | 5:35 PM

Indian Stock Market Tips

  • LTP/ % Chg: This column denotes the last traded price of a particular stock.
  • Upside Ratings: This column denotes four star rating for every stock on the basis of Earning Revision, Technical, Valuation Trends and Relative performance.
  • Risk Ratings: This column denotes the sensitivity of the stock to extrinsic factors like bad news and fall in stock market. The risk is denoted with low, medium and high ratings.
  • LT Growth/LT P/E: This is the estimated annual growth rate of future earnings, normally projected over the next two to three years, and expressed as a percentage.
  • 1 Yr Beta/Volatility 1 M: Beta measures the sensitivity of a stock relative to market movements for a month period.
  • Relative Performance: This column measures the performance of a stock relative to its national or regional index (compared to four weeks ago).
Get independent equity analysis of around 260 companies which helps you make sound investment decisions like whether to buy, sell or hold the company stocks. It also gives you alternatives/switch proposals against the current non performing stocks in your holdings which you can even tag in your Portfolio Tracker.

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